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From the outside looking in, Corey and Rosemary Lewis may be described as high school sweethearts turned real estate moguls. But there is so much more beneath the surface. 

Both Chicago natives, Corey has always dreamed of a life of entrepreneurship and had a vision beyond what he even knew to be possible. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, he’s always aspired to be his own boss and needed… On the contrary, Rosemary desired safety and security and found that in becoming a classroom teacher. Never on the same page at the same time, they butted heads for many years and never quite got their stride.

One day, a heated discussion about their environment sparked a pivotal question. 'Are we in Chicago because we know it or because we love it?' When they honestly answered that question, finally on the same page, they made the decision to relocate to Texas. That decision was the catalyst for change that started them on a path of personal and professional development. They decided to do it scared and today the own multiple business along with a 7-figure real estate portfolio.

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