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5 Reasons Why You're Not Happy - Eagle Talk Podcast - Corey & Rosemary Lewis

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Apple  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts  |  Buzzsprout | YouTube Ready to ditch the doom and gloom attitude? Tune in as we explore the 5 reasons that might be throwing shade on your happiness. No frills, no cheesy metaphors—just real talk about what’s keeping you from your happiness goals. It’s not a mystery; it’s a choice. Say […]

122: Five Reason Why You’re Not Happy

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Ever felt like your relationship could use a little spark? In this episode, we’re sharing our personal journey of how date nights transformed our marriage from routine to remarkable and why making date night a non-negotiable in your routine can breathe new life into your relationship.

115: Formula for Date Night


Formula for Date Night - Eagle Talk Podcast - Corey & Rosemary

Money is one of the leading causes of conflict in relationships, and this is especially true for entrepreneurial couples. Managing finances as a team can be challenging, but it is critical for the success of both the business and the relationship. This week, we’re sharing some tips for managing money in an entrepreneurial couple relationship.

096: Love and Money | Finances for Entrepreneur-couple Relationships


Entrepreneurship is hard already but being married and being entrepreneurs is a whole different ballgame in itself. Sit in on the conversation as Corey and Rosemary talk about the difficulties of marriage and entrepreneurship as well as give helpful tips on how to keep your marriage as a priority through the entrepreneurial journey.

We can’t wait for you to meet our friend Johnny Collins! He is the ultimate networker. One of the best tools of success is Networking. Networking will take you places that money can’t. Sit in on the conversation as we talk with master networker Johnny Collins on the power of Networking.  Links mentioned in this […]

081: The Power of Networking


Having good relationships with others is important. It takes work and can be messy sometimes, but it’s worth it. In life and business, investing in the right relationships has its benefits. In this week’s episode of Eagle Talk with Team Lewis, we talk about the benefits of investing into the right relationships in business, how […]

079: The Right Relationships in Business


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