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Before You Say I Do - Eagle Talk with Team Lewis Podcast

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Thinking about tying the knot? Forget the fairy tales and Instagram-perfect moments; we’re diving into the real deal. We’re sharing insights from our own journey about what marriage is not, what it is, and why it matters before you walk down the aisle.

125: Before You Say “I Do”

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In our most recent mastermind goal-setting retreat, we were reminded of this big truth. We’re all a bit guilty of boxing in the Almighty himself. Yep, sometimes we limit God to the tiny confines of our own thinking and actions. It’s time to embrace the sheer magnitude of God’s potential and what it means for our lives, our goals, and our wildest dreams.

121: Don’t Put God in a Box


Don't Put God in a Box - Eagle Talk Podcast - Corey & Rosemary Lewis

Have you ever stopped to think that one of the reasons we often settle for less than we deserve is because we simply haven’t seen anything different? The act of imagining something different can be the first step towards creating the life you truly desire. You have the power to shift your reality simply by expanding your vision and believing in the possibility of change. It’s time to break free from the limitations of what you’ve seen so far, and shift from settling to soaring.

114: Seeing is Believing


seeing is believing - eagle talk podcast

In a world where social media often offers us a glimpse of the dazzling highs and breathtaking mountaintops, it’s time we shift the focus to a reality we all share – the valleys, the challenges, and the uphill battles that so many of us are silently facing. We’re here to remind you that it’s okay not to suffer in silence, and it’s crucial to evaluate where you stand with raw, unfiltered honesty. But more than that, we’re unveiling the incredible strength that comes from letting others into your world, the transformative impact it has not only on you but on your loved ones too. So, whether you’re currently navigating your own valley or you’re standing on a mountaintop lending a hand to someone else, this episode is your compass to “Thriving in your Valley Season.”

thriving in your valley season - Eagle Talk Podcast

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