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5 Reasons Why You're Not Happy - Eagle Talk Podcast - Corey & Rosemary Lewis

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Apple  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts  |  Buzzsprout | YouTube Ready to ditch the doom and gloom attitude? Tune in as we explore the 5 reasons that might be throwing shade on your happiness. No frills, no cheesy metaphors—just real talk about what’s keeping you from your happiness goals. It’s not a mystery; it’s a choice. Say […]

122: Five Reason Why You’re Not Happy

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Apple  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts  |  Buzzsprout | YouTube This year, we were on the hunt for our tribe of like-minded folks to hash out all things business and life. When we couldn’t find it, we looked within our own circle and created it. In this episode, we’re sharing the value of this group and tips […]

120: Creating a Mastermind


We all know that slow periods are inevitable, and they can be challenging to navigate. However, with the right mindset and strategies, we can use these times to our advantage and come out even stronger on the other side. So, whether you’re facing a slow period right now or just want to be prepared for the next one, stay tuned for some practical tips and insights that will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

110: How to Stay Motivated When Business is Slow


Sit in on the conversation as Corey and Rosemary talk with one of DFW’s heavy hitters in real estate, Don Ruffin. We’re talking leadership, communication, sales, and all things about building and scaling teams.

As entrepreneurs, we know that closing a deal or making a sale is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning. A well-thought-out follow-up strategy is crucial to nurture leads, retain customers, and drive business growth. Let’s explore the key elements of creating a follow-up strategy that works, and discuss practical tips and best practices to implement in your business.

107: Effective Follow-Up Strategies in your Business


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As entrepreneurs, our mindset plays a crucial role in our success. It determines how we approach challenges, overcome obstacles, and seize opportunities. Let’s talk practical strategies to level up your thinking, boost your confidence, and achieve extraordinary results in your entrepreneurial journey.

106: How to Level Up Your Mindset


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Apple  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts  |  Buzzsprout | YouTube As entrepreneurs, business owners, or professionals, we are constantly striving for success, growth, and excellence in our work. However, there are certain habits that can hinder our progress and prevent us from achieving our full potential. In this episode, we will be identifying and discussing some of […]

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