086: All Things Goal Setting

December 6, 2022

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Corey + Rosemary

What does goal setting look like for you?

We often break away from our routine to dream, plan, and set goals for the year. The space is littered with sticky notes, poster paper, and markers as we brainstorm to really identify what we want our lives to look like in the future.

We often think a lot about how to reach a goal, but developing the goal itself should take just as much thought, preparation, and effort.

We’re sharing the way we approach goal setting and what you should do to truly be prepared for your goals!

The goal setting we’re doing is structured around a framework that we truly believe has made it possible for us to thrive in any environment. We want to share that and more with you in our upcoming masterclass.

Get ready to set up your life and business for success — even during uncertain times. Head to eagletalkpodcast.com/masterclass to grab your ticket.

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