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Before You Say I Do - Eagle Talk with Team Lewis Podcast

Thinking about tying the knot? Forget the fairy tales and Instagram-perfect moments; we’re diving into the real deal. We’re sharing insights from our own journey about what marriage is not, what it is, and why it matters before you walk down the aisle.

125: Before You Say “I Do”

Income Roulette - Eagle Talk with Team Lewis Podcast

We believe that having just one stream of income is the ultimate financial risk you didn’t sign up for. We’ve all been there, cruising on that single paycheck highway, but it’s time to hit the financial off-ramp and explore the world of diversification. From side hustles to investments, we’re sharing why putting all your cash eggs in one basket is so last season.

124: Income Roulette: Why You Need More Than One Bet

Tish Smith - Vanity Wellness and Body - Eagle Talk with Team Lewis Podcast

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5 Reasons Why You're Not Happy - Eagle Talk Podcast - Corey & Rosemary Lewis

Apple  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcasts  |  Buzzsprout | YouTube Ready to ditch the doom and gloom attitude? Tune in as we explore the 5 reasons that might be throwing shade on your happiness. No frills, no cheesy metaphors—just real talk about what’s keeping you from your happiness goals. It’s not a mystery; it’s a choice. Say […]

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If the term 'Do It Scared' had a poster child, it would be us! Not long ago, we left everything we knew and loved in Chicago to start a life in Dallas, Texas. Since then, we've grown a 7-figure real estate business and a life we absolutely love! 

Like many of you, we've been on the lonely side of building a business and we know it's whack. We also know success leaves clues and that's why we created this space just for you.

You don't have to go on this entrepreneurship journey alone. We got you!

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